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Will the money on my savings card be automatically deducted if my credit card is late?

Credit card overdue has become more and more common in our life, especially recently under the influence of uncontrollable factors such as the epidemic, it is inevitable to fall into the whirlpool of credit card overdue.

So there are some indebted people who can have the question: If I have a credit card and a savings card with one bank, if the credit card is overdue, then will the money in the savings card be deducted to offset it?

If the credit card is tied to a savings card and signed up for automatic repayment, then on the repayment date the bank will debit the savings card directly to pay off the credit card and the bank can collect within the user’s authorization.

However, if we do not bind two cards, then even if our credit card is overdue, the bank does not have the right to debit the amount from the savings card.

Because credit card and savings card are two separate accounts, if they are not bound, the bank cannot deduct funds from the user’s savings account privately.

However, if the overdraft is malicious and long overdue, then the bank will sue to the court and the court will freeze the bank savings card and require repayment with the assets under the name.

Therefore, the financial optimization advice to everyone, if you have the ability to repay must be early repayment, to avoid credit card overdue on our own life and personal credit adverse effects.

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