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What is the power of credit card application for international students in the United States?

Many people will use credit cards for spending, which is convenient and fast. This is one of the spending options that many students will choose, and many American students will apply for credit cards, but students need a lot of procedures to apply for credit cards, and there are many different ways. In order to avoid being used by fraudsters. So what are the ways to apply for credit cards for American students?

Six ways to apply for a credit card for study in the United States

1、Use a student application form

You can often find a variety of student-specific applications on school bulletin boards. It is best if there is relative proof of school or student status. Therefore, it is also easier to obtain approval.

2. Choose a department store credit card that is easy to apply for in order to establish your credit.

Although these cards are limited to the department store, it is easier to get a credit card and build up your credit record because it is easier to stimulate spending during a department store recession and because the credit limit is not as high as a regular credit card.

Once credit is established, it is important to maintain a good credit record and use this card as a springboard to apply for other credit cards in the future.

3、Use mailbox information to apply.

Once your credit history is established, a credit card application form will even be sent to your mailbox on your own initiative. Most of these applications are labeled as pre-approved. However, individuals can evaluate their own needs and the aforementioned factors to decide whether to apply, fill out the application, there are few cases of rejection.

4、Open a bank account and apply for a credit card

In some places in the United States, especially in big cities, there are many banks and they operate a wide range of businesses. In addition, banks attach importance to student consumers and encourage students to open accounts and make deposits with the bank, and often take the initiative to go to the universities during the school year to open accounts and apply for credit cards.

They often take the initiative to visit universities during the school year to open accounts and apply for credit cards. Even after the period of registration, this preferential policy often continues with the bank’s policy.

Because this type of service gives priority to deposits and credit cards, the vetting is more relaxed and it is easier to get a credit card, so the credit limit is not very high all of a sudden. However, this is a good opportunity for students with no credit history to obtain a credit card. International students would be wise to take the initiative to consult local banks and not to miss out easily.

5、Apply using TV commercials.

The way to apply is through the 800 or 900 number, such as the 900 number, the phone bill is very considerable, and this kind of application also often requires the applicant to pay a certain amount of application fee in advance, it is difficult to guarantee the suspicion of scam. However, I have fallen into their lies because of the TV propaganda. Therefore, if you really need it, you may want to ask Bankcard Holder of America about the credibility of the issuer to avoid any suspicion.

However, this is a risky way to apply because it is often issued to people who have no credit history at all or who are credit-bankrupt.

Get a cosigner to assist with the application.

Credit card companies are more willing to issue cards to this type of applicant without the concern of insufficient claims. After you have established your credit, try to apply independently to establish a personal, unsecured credit.

If you are unable to apply for credit due to lack of credit information or insufficient income, it is best to use an application form with the signature of a cosigner, preferably a close friend or relative with a good credit history, to guarantee your liability in the event you are unable to pay.


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