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What should I do if my credit card is stolen when I immigrate to the United States?

There are generally two types of credit card theft: one is when a genuine card is stolen, and the other is when a counterfeit card is stolen. Genuine card theft, as the name implies, is when the cardholder’s credit card is held and used by someone else in an illegal situation. Counterfeit card theft, on the other hand, is when the cardholder’s credit card information is obtained by unscrupulous individuals and used as a copy of the cardholder’s credit card. There are two main causes of fraudulent card skimming: first, the disclosure of credit card information on illegal phishing websites or public places; second, the use of credit cards in the process of not taking precautions, giving lawless elements the opportunity to use terminal readers to obtain the user’s credit card information.

In the United States, in the case of a local credit card, regardless of the form of theft, the cardholder must first contact the bank that issued the card and the bank’s credit card center to freeze the stolen credit card. Usually, the local bank will contact the credit card center and the merchant from whom the credit card was stolen so that a settlement can be negotiated without the cardholder’s involvement in the entire process. Once the information is verified as correct, the bank will refund the full amount of the theft. In the case of larger amounts, the theft can be reported to the local police, who will assist in recovering the stolen funds. However, if a domestic credit card is stolen abroad, the recovery procedure is more cumbersome.
Therefore, it is recommended that immigrant friends should
First, if you already have a credit card from a local bank in the U.S., you should try to use your local credit card to pay for your purchases in order to simplify the procedures for handling security risks and minimize your financial losses.
Second, when using credit cards to pay in stores, you should strengthen your awareness of prevention, and try not to let the credit card out of your sight, so that unscrupulous people have no opportunity to take advantage of.
Third, if you need to use a credit card to make a payment over the Internet or by phone, be sure to confirm the security and reliability of the other party’s identity.

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