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Tell you how to invest money for international students in the United States

Studying in the U.S. is expensive, and so are living expenses, and some students even think they don’t have enough money to live in the U.S. So how to invest money in the U.S.?

The way to manage money for studying in the U.S.

1. Proof of financial guarantee should be true

In principle, the U.S. visa requires funds to be deposited for more than six months, and fixed-term deposit is the best personal deposit. It is best to choose a state-owned bank or a joint-stock bank for the deposit.

2. Tuition payment methods: money order payment and credit card payment

Students can issue two money orders at the bank, one for tuition payment and the other for a local bank card in the US. Parents can also apply for a credit card sub-card for their students, so that they can understand the daily expenses of their students through the credit card spending details.

3. Don’t forget to file taxes

The U.S. tax policy is very perfect, so don’t evade taxes and students should pay attention to the filing time.

4. Know the consumption level of different cities in advance

5. Be flexible about buying books and other non-recurring expenses

Campus bookstore is the most expensive place to buy books, you can buy them from second-hand websites.

6. It is recommended to buy daily consumables from large wholesale supermarkets and learn to take public transportation

7. Take as many courses as possible to shorten your college study time

8. Use cell phones for personal financial management

It is very important to manage your money well, know how to invest wisely, save money and pay off debts.

As an international student, you need to learn to master your property status and make it clear that your purpose of studying in the U.S. is to study

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