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How do I use my U.S. credit and ATM cards?

Many international students studying in the U.S. do not carry much cash when they go out for excursions or shopping, and most of them choose to go to banks to apply for credit cards.
ATM card With an ATM card and a PIN, you can withdraw, deposit, and transfer money at 24-hour ATMs, regardless of the bank’s daytime business hours. Usually, you do not have to pay an additional fee to receive money at the ATMs attached to the branches of your bank; however, a fixed fee will be deducted each time you use an interbank ATM at a supermarket, department store, or airport.

When paying at supermarkets, if the cash register is equipped with an automatic card selector (where customers can choose to pay with their supermarket membership card, credit card, or ATM card), they can swipe their ATM card, and the selector screen will light up; savings account; and checking account; for us to choose from, and then withdraw money directly from the account we have designated. So make sure to collect the signed receipt from the supermarket and record it in our receipt book for future reconciliation.

When using an ATM card, you should pay attention to the following: don’t write your PIN number on the card; don’t put the tape on the back of the card in your wallet with other cards; cut and cancel expired cards; tear up the PIN slip; limit the total amount of withdrawals per day; and don’t forget to take the card back when you are finished using it.

If you are driving, you can use the bank’s 24/7 ATMs designed specifically for drivers, or the ATM window with bank staff during business hours. You don’t have to find a place to park or get out of your car. However, the parking distance should be calculated, if the window or the machine is too far away, it is necessary to unbuckle the seat belt to practice long arm strength. If you can’t reach it, you have to get out of the car!

Credit card application Just arrived in the United States, no credit history, it is difficult to apply for VISA and Master Card issued by large national banks, American Express and Discover, etc.. There are two ways to apply for credit cards issued by our bank, and after a year of having a credit history, you can apply for other credit cards with more favorable or widely accepted terms.
These two methods are.
First, if we have income from school scholarships and other part-time jobs, we can ask our department or employer to issue proof of our income, usually up to a certain amount before the bank approves it.
Second, in addition to having an account at the bank, there are also funds such as time deposits that can prove our financial strength, and there is no bad record on the bank’s documents, the bank officer will also accept the application, based on our established reputation at the bank. In addition, you can try to apply for a credit card through your school. Since some banks have a contractual relationship with the school, it is easier for students to apply for a credit card (with a copy of their student ID).
If you do not have direct deposit, you must take the check you received on payday to the bank and deposit it or cash it. After direct deposit, we will receive a deposit slip. The advantage of this is that it saves you the time of running to the bank on a regular basis and the bank will lower the minimum deposit limit for our account. Usually, if you do a direct deposit once, it will continue and you don’t have to do it again at the beginning of a new semester or during the summer or winter holidays.

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