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How can I apply for a US credit card and what are the requirements?

I. The information needed to apply for a U.S. credit card is as follows.


2、U.S. phone number

3、U.S. address


Most of the banks in the United States to apply for credit cards need social security number, which we often say SSN (Social Security Number), but for those who have just arrived in the United States without SSN, it is not impossible, but it is difficult to apply for a credit card with a higher limit without SSN.

Second, the application of the United States credit card considerations

1, the first card is the most difficult, because you have not had any credit history in the United States, and in most banks to open a card to provide SSN, but no work will not have SSN (if you are an international student can just play a small job at school to mix a SSN)

2, the first credit card can apply for the credit limit is generally very low, do not mind this, the first card in order to establish a credit history, the amount will change with your credit card records

3, when applying ask whether there is an annual fee

4, time will certainly apply for a second, third credit card, but please note: the first credit card is your longest credit history of a card, regardless of future usefulness do not cancel

BOA (Bank Of America) credit card is the first credit card of many partners in the United States, very good application, do not need SSN can also be, as long as the deposit in the BOA account more than $3000 you can apply for credit cards, but the amount is very low, only about $500, but this is also the beginning of the credit record.

If you have a friend in the U.S. and he has a U.S. credit card, you can ask him to help you hang a sub-card, and after two or three months you have a credit score, you can apply for AMEX and other credit cards that do not require an SSN or ITIN. However, you should be cautious because you will inherit the credit score of the primary cardholder after you hang up the secondary card, and in case the other party has some credit problems, they will also accumulate to you.

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