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How many credit cards is the best for a person to have?

Many cardholders feel that the more credit cards they have, the better, and the higher the credit limit, the better. This is not the case. Today we are going to tell you just how many credit cards are best for a person to have!

4 credit cards are the most suitable!
Do you want to know the reason?
Reason 1: Good for the overall score
The overall score is a big part of the success of a credit card application. The number of cards held and the credit history of the applicant are also part of the overall score.
Having 1-4 credit cards is the most favorable for the overall score, but after 4 cards, the score decreases rather than increases. Therefore, the number of 4 credit cards is the most beneficial to improve your overall score.

Reason 2: The total amount is the most suitable
The number of cards is not comprehensive, but the total amount is also applicable. Usually, the total amount of 4 cards is the most applicable credit card limit for the applicant, less is difficult to cope with unexpected situations, more is easy to spend money like water to make ends meet.

In addition, the bank for each applicant will have a total amount of assessment, and in the grant amount of “rigid deduction”, that is, assuming that your total amount of only 100,000, you already hold a credit card limit of 90,000, then you do card, the limit will only be about 10,000, and will not be higher and higher. In general, the total amount of 4 credit cards is basically the total amount that the cardholder can handle, more is not beneficial.

Reason 3: Credit card offers comprehensive coverage
If you have 4 credit cards, it means that you can enjoy the credit card offers from 4 banks. This point will not need to be said, as long as you pay more attention, to pull the powerful wool is not difficult!

Reason four: flexible turnover, clever financial management
4 credit cards, 4 repayment days, usually you can use the credit ah for consumption, wages and other income to maximize short-term investment finance, wait until the repayment date is to repay, so the interest earned is an “extra income”, long-term past, I believe there will be a very significant number.

When you apply for a credit card, do not blindly pursue a large number and high credit limit. Once you have too many credit cards, the credit limit is too high, not only easy to uncontrolled consumption, due to the inability to repay the overdue, once the card is lost, the risk of theft and economic loss is also proportional to increase. Therefore, the card is not in more, enough is good!

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