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Beginner’s Guide U.S. Credit CardRecommendations

As a newcomer to introductory credit cards, you do not need to look too much at the opening rewards and benefits, the main thing is to accumulate credit history, follow the principles of easy application, no annual fee, high return rate, etc. The following are recommended.

Discover It


1、$50 card opening bonus: within three months of opening the card, you can get one spending.

2, each quarter there are specific categories of 5% Cashback, all other spending 1% Cashback!

3, Double Cash Back: This point is also attractive enough to everyone, new people who run this card in the next 12 billing cycle to get all the cashback doubled, that is, 10% per quarter for specific categories + 2% for all other spending, Discover Deals are also included. But be aware that the doubled portion of the cashback will be given to you only after the entire campaign is over.

5、Zero credit history can apply

6、No annual fee

BOA Cash Reward


1, open card rewards: ordinary version of the long-term is to open the card within three months of spending $500 to get $100; special version will occasionally have $200 (of which $100 must be online application, in branch no)

2, cashback ratio: 3% cashback on gas, 2% cashback on groceries, 1% cashback on other consumption (commonly known as “1-2-3” card)

3, if there is a BOA bank account (checking/savings) and additional cashback, general account more 10%, Gold more than 25%, Platinum more than 25%, Platinum Honors more than 75%.

4, no credit history can apply! Only the premise is that you need to deposit a certain amount in the Bank of America (BoA) Checking Account, it is recommended to branch for zero record.

5、No annual fee

Deserve Edu


1、$30 opening bonus: you can get $30 for one purchase within three months of opening the card.

2, this is a credit card designed specifically for students, international students do not need SSN, no credit history can apply. For international students who can’t get SSN in a short time, this card is very suitable as the first credit card.

3. This card is very foreigner friendly, people with F1, M1 and J1 visas can apply.

4. 1% cashback on all purchases.

5、No Foreign Transaction Fee (FTF).

6、No annual fee

Note: After having the first U.S. credit card, it is recommended to use it for at least six months to a year, and then start to try to apply for other credit cards after the credit history is long enough. Country

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